【For beginners】 Recommended tools to prepare when starting organza embroidery

Recommended embroidery tools

It has been 12 years since I started embroidery, and it has been 7 years since I started haute couture embroidery.

I’ve used various embroidery tools so far, but I’ve listed the ones that were easy to use.

This time, it is a recommended tool for embroidering on organza fabric.

We will introduce recommended chalk pens when transferring embroidery designs to organza, thread trimming scissors that are easy to do detailed work, and tricks to make embroidery comfortable.

Embroidery frame

When embroidering, using an embroidery hoop makes it easier to embroider as the fabric is taut.

It is a necessary embroidery tool when embroidering on organza.

  • About the embroidery frame size

When holding the embroidery frame by hand, we recommend using a frame that is 8 to 10 cm in size.

When fixing the embroidery frame with a clamp, etc., we recommend using a large frame of 10 cm or more.

I often use a 15-18 cm embroidery frame because I often use a C-clamp to fix the frame to the desk when embroidering.

  • Wrap tape around embroidery hoop

Wrapping the inner frame of the embroidery frame with bias tape or twill tape will prevent the fabric from sagging.

This will make embroidery much easier.

If the cloth stretched on the embroidery frame does not slack during embroidery, it greatly affects the ease of work and the finish of the embroidery.

Embroidery needle

The number 25 embroidery thread that is often used in embroidery uses a “1 to 6 thread” needle.

If you are buying embroidery needles for the first time, it is recommended that you purchase a set that includes everything from thin needles to thick needles.

Both Japanese brands and foreign brands are sold, but I personally don’t feel the difference between domestic and foreign brands in terms of ease of use.

The needle size notation method differs depending on whether the embroidery needle is a domestic brand or a foreign brand.

When the needle is bent or rusted, it is time to replace it.

Iron Chalk Pen (White)

Clover’s White Iron Chaco Pen is recommended for embroidering on organza.

Since the other side of the organza is transparent, the embroidery pattern paper is placed on the back side of the fabric and traced with an Iron Chalk pen.

It’s easy to use when writing a guide line for the angle of satin stitching, so it’s quite convenient to have one when doing organza embroidery.

If you want to erase the draft lines, put a tissue soaked in water on it for a while, and the lines of Iron Chalk pen will soften and become soft and easy to remove, so wipe it off with a tissue.

After that, if you lightly touch it with a low-temperature iron to trace it, you can erase it quite neatly.

Thread cutting scissors

Thread trimming scissors are used frequently when embroidering, so choosing a scissors that you can easily use will make your work much easier.

My recommendation is “Clover’s cutwork scissors”, although they are not sold as thread cutting scissors!

I bought several other scissors and tried them out, but Clover’s cutwork scissors are very sharp, and the progress of detailed work is by far the best.

These fine-tipped scissors are very easy to use for embroidery, which involves repeating detailed work, and I’ve been using them for 7 years now.

In addition to embroidery thread, it can be used in a variety of situations, such as cutting woolen threads, cutting organza fabric when processing completed embroidery into parts, cutting small embroidery designs (copy paper), and cutting small parts of felt.

Even when cutting embroidery patterns, it is sharper than paper cutting scissors and can be cut accurately to fine details.

When doing haute couture embroidery, I use it in all kinds of situations, such as cutting thin leather fabric, cutting thick blades, cutting thick twisted cords, and removing missing sequins with scissors.

When choosing scissors, I personally recommend “straight and sharp tips with thin tips” over scissors with curved or rounded tips.

The advantage of using scissors with a thin tip is that you can cut small parts accurately and it is easy to prevent the thread other than the thread you want to cut from accidentally getting caught and cut.

I’ve talked about scissors for a long time, but scissors are important tools that make various work, including embroidery, comfortable.

I would appreciate it if you could refer to it to choose your favorite scissors that are easy to use.

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It’s not absolutely necessary, but it’s a very useful item “C-clamp”

If you can fix the embroidery frame to the desk and embroider with both hands, it will be much easier to embroider than with one hand.

You can embroider with both hands! Useful goods for fixing the embroidery frame to the desk