How to make a bag charm | Ballerina costume embroidery


About this embroidery design

Ballerina costume and teddy bear, book design embroidery.
Made into a back charm.
Ballerina’s embroidery design
“Life is n’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It ’s about leaning to dance in the rain.”
I designed it with the image of the saying.
The bust part of the ballerina costume is embroidered with a rug-like texture.
Embroiders tulle as a tutu.
I put a tassel bookmarker on the book.
Her cover is embroidered with the message “I love you” and a heart with an angel’s arrow.

Click here to download the Free embroidery pattern

Print the PDF in A4 size and borderless.

Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Satin stitch
・Straight stitch
・Embroidery like a rug texture
・Line embroidery
・Layer embroidery over satin stitch
・Make a tassel
・Attach tulle
・Making embroidery parts

Embroidery thread used for this embroidery

・DMC E436
※Cosmo embroidery thread, DMC embroidery thread, Olympus embroidery thread: All use Size #25 embroidery thread.

Materials used this time

・White tulle (11cm x 15cm)
・Felt Fabric Sheets
・Split Ring (ring of bag charm)
・Fabric adhesive
・Double-sided adhesive interlining

Watch a video on how to embroidery

Finished embroidery

This time I made it a bag charm. It can also be used as a key ring.
I used an 18cm embroidery frame.