【For embroidery beginners】 Cherry high heel embroidery completed with 4 types of embroidery stitches | Rug-like texture embroidery stitch


About this embroidery design

The high heels are embroidered with a fluffy Rug-like texture embroidery stitch.

The embroidery design is completed with 4 types of embroidery stitches (Rug-like texture embroidery, French knot stitch, straight stitch, line embroidery), so it is recommended for embroidery beginners.

Rug-like texture embroidery can be easily completed with just an embroidery needle.

The language of Cherry is “Refined ” “Good education”

The high heels were designed with the image of the phrase “nice shoes take you to a nice place”.

Click here to download the Free embroidery pattern

Print the PDF in A4 size and borderless.


Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Rug-like texture embroidery stitch
・Straight stitch
・French knot stitch
・Line embroidery

Embroidery thread used for this embroidery

※Cosmo embroidery thread, DMC embroidery threads, Olympus embroidery thread: All use Size #25 embroidery thread.

Watch a video on how to embroidery

Finished embroidery

Embroidery design Cherry high heel embroidery