Rug-like texture embroidery stitches & 3D satin stitches | Blue and Beige embroidery 【Embroidery pouch material 1】

ブルーとベージュの刺繍装飾 | ラグのような刺繍ステッチ&立体的なサテンステッチ

About this embroidery design

Blue and beige embroidered embellishments featuring easy-to-make rug-like embroidered stitches and three-dimensional satin stitches.

The rag-like embroidery is a simple stitch that just randomly pierces the thread, and it is a recommended stitch that even beginners of embroidery can easily do.

The three-dimensional satin stitch is completed by embroidering yarn and embroidering the satin stitch over it before embroidering the normal satin stitch.

This time, we will complete two pieces of embroidery with the same embroidery design to make an embroidery zipper pouch.

Using the same embroidery pattern, you can change the color of the embroidery thread and the type of embroidery stitch used to create a different atmosphere on both sides.

Click here to download the Free embroidery pattern

Print the PDF in A4 size and borderless.

Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Satin stitch
・Three-dimensional satin stitch
・Straight stitch
・Embroidery like a rug texture
・Line embroidery
・Layer embroidery over satin stitch
・Beads embroidery
・Making embroidery parts

Embroidery thread used for this embroidery

※DMC embroidery thread, Olympus embroidery thread: All use Size #25 embroidery thread.
・Tapestry wool DMC7593 = (Any color of wool is OK as it is hidden by satin stitch)

Materials used this time

・White beads(2mm diameter beads)
・White beads(3mm diameter beads)

Watch a video on how to embroidery

Finished embroidery


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Blue and white embroidery embellishment with randomly embroidered beads and rug texture embroidered stitches.

Embroidered stitches that feel like rug texture are simple stitches that are just randomly pierced with thread.
It is a recommended stitch that even beginners of embroidery can easily do.

You can easily create volume by simply embroidering beads randomly.
Beads are piled up and embroidered here and there.

The video below explains how to make it.

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