Floral high heel embroidery completed with 4 types of embroidery stitches


About this embroidery design

“Porter bonheur” is a French message that means “carrying happiness”.

Combined with flower high heel embroidery design.

The high heels were designed with the image of the words “nice shoes take you to a nice place”.

New discoveries and ways of thinking can be born in the places you casually visit or pass by.

Having that moment can change you and your life.

I designed it with the message that I hope you will have many such wonderful encounters in your daily life.

This time, it is an embroidery design completed with 4 types of embroidery stitches.

There are several types of line embroidery.

It’s good even if you change the type of line embroidery, such as outline stitch, chain stitch, and back stitch.

Click here to download the Free embroidery pattern

Print the PDF in A4 size and borderless.


Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Satin stitch
・Straight stitch
・French knot stitch
・Line embroidery
・Letter embroidery
・Layer embroidery over satin stitch

Embroidery thread used for this embroidery

※Cosmo embroidery thread, Olympus embroidery thread: All use Size #25 embroidery thread.

Watch a video on how to embroidery

Finished embroidery

刺繡デザイン案 お花模様のハイヒール刺繡
Embroidery Design Flower Pattern High Heel