For beginners | How to make a voluminous embroidered fringe


For embroidery beginners! easy embroidery fringe

This is how to make an embroidery fringe by just passing the thread through the back stitch.

In addition to decoration as part of the embroidery design, it can also be used by lengthening it as shown in the photo below.

Here are some good points about how to make fringes.

  • It’s very easy because you just pass the thread through the back stitch.
  • Since the back stitches are embroidered alternately, the upper part of the fringe becomes a knitted expression.
It will be expressed as if you are knitting with alternating back stitches. The fringe can be arranged to your desired length.

Watch a video on how to embroider fringes

Description of fringe embroidery

Make small stitches at the beginning of stitching

Make two small straight stitches where they will be hidden later.


Making the back stitch that serves as the base for fringe embroidery

The fringe embroidery this time will be made by threading the back stitch, so first make the back stitch for the base.

At this time, the number 25 embroidery thread is 6 threads, but it would be cute if you changed it to various types of threads such as wool ◎

Be conscious of stabbing the backstitch as evenly spaced as possible.

Pass the thread that will be the fringe through the base of the back stitch

Pass the thread that will be the fringe through the base of the back stitch you made earlier.

This time, in order to add volume to the fringe, 12 threads of No. 25 embroidery thread are threaded into the fringe.

If you want to add more volume, you can increase the number of threads or use thicker threads. It’s cute even if you use the fringe as yarn.

Alternately stitch the back stitch of the presser foot

After you have finished threading the fringe, use back stitch to hold down the thread on the fringe.

The back stitch at this time are stabbed alternately with the back stitch of the first base.

You can finish with 2 rows, or 4 or 5 rows of back stitches will give you a knitted look.

Cut the thread on the fringe

Cut the loop part of the fringe.


After cutting the ring part, cut to align the hem.

It is recommended that you use a comb to comb the fringe at this time, as it will make it easier to adjust the length when aligning the hem.

Fringe embroidery finish!

Embroidery flow illustration ver.