How to make an embroidered pouch without a sewing machine | Blue, white, and beige embroidered pouch


A simple hand-stitched embroidery pouch

It is a fully embroidered pouch that can be completed only by hand sewing and fabric adhesive without using a sewing machine.

The same embroidery pattern is used on both sides, but the color of the embroidery thread and the type of embroidery stitch used are different, so the two sides have a different atmosphere.

Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Ladder stitch
・Making embroidery parts

Materials used this time

・Felt Fabric Sheets
・20cm zipper
・Fabric adhesive
・Double-sided adhesive interlining

Watch a video on how to make a hand sewn embroidery pouch

Finished embroidery

手縫いでできる刺繡ポーチ | ブルーとベージュ刺繍
手縫いでできる刺繡ポーチ |  ブルーとホワイト

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Blue and beige embroidered embellishments featuring easy-to-make rug-like embroidered stitches and three-dimensional satin stitches.

The rag-like feel of the embroidery is a simple stitch that involves just stabbing threads randomly.
It is a recommended stitch that even beginners of embroidery can easily do.

The three-dimensional satin stitch is completed by embroidering yarn and embroidering the satin stitch over it before embroidering the normal satin stitch.

It is an embroidery decoration that collects simple stitches that are easy to challenge even for embroidery beginners.

The video below explains how to make it.

【Embroidery pouch material 1】 Blue and beige embroidery | Rug-like embroidery stitches & 3D satin stitches

ブルーとベージュの刺繍装飾 | ラグのような刺繍ステッチ&立体的なサテンステッチ