【For beginners】 How to tracing the embroidery design on organza

刺繡枠にオーガンジーを張る | オーガンジーに刺繍図案を書き写す

Watch a video on how to trace an embroidery design onto organza

Tips for tracing embroidery patterns

It is easier to copy if you put the embroidery design paper on the back of the organdy and pin it.

Pin it in 2-3 places so that it doesn’t shift when you trace it.


After tracing the design, if there is a thin part, trace it again

If the construction lines look light or blurry when the embroidery design is removed from the fabric, trace the construction lines to make them darker.

If you make a mistake in copying, use a low-temperature iron to erase it cleanly.

If you want to erase the draft lines, put a tissue soaked in water on it for a while, and the lines of the chalk pen will soften and become soft and easy to remove, so wipe it off with a tissue.

After that, if you lightly touch it with a low-temperature iron to trace it, you can erase it quite neatly.

Recommended tools for tracing embroidery patterns

↑ Iron Chalk Pen (White) / Clover
Silk pin / Clover