Satin Stitch | Beginning Stitch & End Stitch


Points for stitching at the beginning of stitching and stitching at the end of stitching

The stitches at the beginning and end of stitching are made by stitching two small straight stitches.

In the satin stitch design, I am conscious of “stitching as small and as close as possible”.

When embroidering on top of the satin stitch later, there will be many stitches at the beginning and end of embroidering in addition to the satin stitch, so make each stitch as small as possible so that it will be embroidered later.

Beginning stitch

If you only use it once, it may come loose, so prick it twice.


End stitch

The end stitch is often made inside the satin stitch.

When cutting the embroidery thread at the end, be careful not to cut the satin stitch.