Swan and Book embroidery | Disce gaudere


About this embroidery design

The message “Disce gaudere” embroidered on the title of the book means “learn to enjoy” in Latin.
It is a passage from a book by Seneca, an ancient Roman philosopher, politician, and poet.
Before this theory, there is a sentence that means “A person who knows what makes him happy when he is doing, and who does not entrust his happiness to others, can be said to have reached the top.” .

What do you think makes you truly happy, and when do you feel happy?
Whether you can fully understand yourself and act, it can be difficult due to daily busyness.

My answer to the question, “What am I doing that makes me happy?”
“When you are immersed alone (embroidery, video editing, writing sentences to organize your feelings, reading books to gain new knowledge, etc.)” “When creating something together with others”

Life is like a book, packed with various memories and experiences to become a single story.
The embroidery expresses the message of writing down the pages of a book about your life.

I also write about the message “Learning to enjoy” in this embroidery design on my embroidery blog.

Learning to enjoy

Click here to download the Free embroidery pattern

Print the PDF in A4 size and borderless.


Stitches and techniques used in this embroidery

・Satin stitch
・Straight stitch
・Line embroidery
・Words Embroidery
・Layer embroidery over satin stitch
・Make fluffy hoops
・Bead embroidery

Embroidery thread used for this embroidery

・DMC E436
※Cosmo embroidery thread, DMC embroidery thread, Olympus embroidery thread: All use Size #25 embroidery thread.

Materials used this time

・Gold beads(1mm diameter beads)

Watch a video on how to embroidery

Finished embroidery